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Saint Paul College, Computer Science 2461-{70,71}

Computer Networking 3 - Linux



Previous Semester Classes (2017)

Class Time and Location

CSCI 2461 70 (000684) 4 hour block

CSCI 2461 71 (001168) Blended/Hybrid


Saint Paul College admission.


Hardware and Software Requirements

Required Readings

Each week there will be required readings to be completed before each class. This is in addition to the class labs.



Class Learning Objectives

  1. Automate tasks by creating bash scripts.
  2. Control, monitor, and schedule processes.
  3. Create shell scripts in other program languages.
  4. Explain and configure network file systems.
  5. Explain navigation, file attributes, mounting, and backups.
  6. Explain the essential duties of a Linux system administrator.
  7. Explain the role of Linux in computer virtualization.
  8. Explain the Linux access control model and root privileges.
  9. Identify Linux security issues and techniques.
  10. Install software and manage packages.
  11. Manage users, groups, and permissions.
  12. Perform common shell operations using commands, filters, & pipes.
  13. Setup and configure a database management system
  14. Setup and configure web hosting using Apache.
  15. Setup, manage, and troubleshoot TCP/IP networking.
  16. Utilize common Linux tools

Class Mapping

This class has been cross mapped to the CompTIA Linux+ by the Linux Professional Institute’s Certification.

Curriculum (Updated as Labs/Homework Assigned)

Curriculum - Labs & Assignments - Week 9

Weekly Class Modules (Login to download)

Each module is original work authored by by Matthew J. Harmon.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Week Date Class Module  
01 Jan 10 Week 1 Module - Introduction, Overview & Preparation  
02 Jan 17 Week 2 Module, Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting  
03 Jan 24 Week 3 Module, Shell Scripting & Devices  
04 Jan 31 Week 4 Module, Disks, Filesystems, & GitHub Setup  
05 Feb 07 Week 5 & 6 Module, Linux Kernel, Building a Bootable System, Linux Standard Base  
06 Feb 14 No Class - It’s Valentines Day! <3 :heart: Submit any past-due items before Feb 13.  
07 Feb 21 Week 7 Module Pending, An Industry Guide to Becoming a Software Engineer by Bill Langenberg via Ming Chow at Tufts  
08 Feb 28 Pre Midterm Review  
09 Mar 07 Midterm Peer Review Midterm Script & Knowledge Exam
10 Mar 14 Spring Break Spring Break
11 Mar 21 Midterm Review, Teams and Services, Linux Networking  
12 Mar 28 Networking, Services, troubleshooting with tcpdump, Team Reports  
13 Apr 04 Moving Files, Deploying Services Deploy your service.
14 Apr 11 RFC 1918, Deployment, Compilation  
15 Apr 18 Deployment, Documentation and On-Boarding Deploy, Document, Test, and On-Board Users.
16 Apr 25 Pending Release Pending Release
17 May 02 Final Pack Due, Final Project Presentation Final Knowledge Exam
18 May 09 Pending Release Pending Release